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Hope, Duality, and Chinese Food

Hope, Duality, and Chinese Food

There is plain and simply NO VALID REASON for hunger and poverty. Our world has enough resources to ensure that EVERYONE in can live a comfortable and healthy life. While disease is not necessarily as easy to eliminate … there is really NO REASON for any epidemic or pandemic to be able to flourish. War is is NEVER a solution. Politics has absolutely NOTHING to do with right thinking. And a closed…

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Maybe if we knew what we were looking for?

Maybe if we knew what we were looking for?

Humanity is on the verge of catastrophic change.

This is not just paranoid delusion, or drama for effect. This is an observable phenomenon for anybody with awareness. The runaway speed of technology has mad this a possibility as never before … simply because information exchange is almost instantaneous these days. The path we are following now will ultimately end in ruin and chaos if we refuse to…

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